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Automotive Tune-Up Service in Warr Acres

Car maintenance is an important responsibility that every driver deal with. It may seem inconvenient to come in for a regular tune-up, but it is far outweighed by the burden of a car that needs extensive repairs. Matt Davis Automotive offers comprehensive auto care options, including general maintenance for your truck or other vehicle. We serve clients in Warr Acres, and we provide the following:
  • Check diagnostics
  • Tire rotation
  • Brake realignment
  • Transmission care
Keeping on top of car care is important to do if you want your car to last and stay in good condition. You can prevent many common issues by arranging regular appointments with your mechanic.

Common Car Issues We Can Repair

Tune-ups keep your car in line and prevent issues from developing. The following issues commonly plague cars and their drivers:
  • Broken spark plugs
  • Bad battery
  • Squeaky belts
  • Alternator damage
  • Radiator leaks
Your car doesn’t have to exist on the verge of a breakdown. We can help you take care of these problems.

Maintenance and More in Bethany and Oklahoma City

One of the biggest responsibilities of being a driver is maintaining your car regularly. If you fail to do this, issues can develop that cause damage and prohibit use of the vehicle. Matt Davis Automotive offers services in Warr Acres that make it easy to get basic car maintenance done. Our auto repair shop has everything you and your car might need, and we also serve clients in Oklahoma City and Bethany. To set up an appointment with us, please reach out by calling 405-787-2893.
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