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Bring Your Car to Us for Automatic Transmission Repair in Warr Acres

If you need transmission repair in Warr Acres, Matt Davis Automotive is the place to go. We specialize in servicing automatic transmissions and performing transmission replacement for clients in the area. The transmission of your automobile is responsible for controlling each gear your car operates in, so it is obviously an important part of your vehicle. There are a number of things that can cause damage and necessitate repairs. Some of these include:
  • Dragging clutch
  • Gears slipping
  • Leaking fluid
  • Cannot shift into gear
Our team of expert mechanics will pinpoint the problem and determine whether repairs or a total replacement is needed for your transmission. You can trust us to offer reliable advice. Our years of experience and customer service make us the best choice.

We Also Provide Replacement for Manual Vehicles

Many drivers whose cars have manual transmissions are familiar with the extra challenges this might pose. With clutches, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive to worry about, it can be a challenge to even catch a problem before it causes an issue. We can provide whatever additional care your car needs and offer replacement for autos that need a new transmission.

Serving the Bethany and Oklahoma City Areas

Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, it should be cared for and maintained regularly. Matt Davis Automotive offers specialized transmission repair options, and we can also provide car collision repair. We serve clients in Warr Acres, Oklahoma City and Bethany, and if your transmission is failing, we can take care of the problem. For more information on these and other services, you can reach out to us by calling 405-787-2893 for more information.
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